Lomas del Malbec Wine Club

What is Lomas del Malbec

Wine Club?

Of the organic vineyards in production, 80 hectares will be allocated to commercialize in a fractional way to Members of the Lomas del Malbec Club.

The minimum investment to enter is US$12,000 acquiring for life 120 vine plants, with which 120 bottles of wine can be made each year (paying the extra costs that they demand).
In addition to that, there are many other scalable options that can include owning a 2000m2 lot to build a house, overlooking a vineyard plot (up to 1ha), also with lifetime usufruct.

What benefits are there being

a member of Lomas del Malbec?

With your Wine Club membership you will enjoy much more.

All members of Lomas del Malbec have exclusive benefits from the moment they join us.

Reserve Membership: You can access the property with guests to use the pool, practice water sports, go on bike tours, trekking, and enjoy a welcome wine tasting at the winery. They also get exclusive benefits at the restaurant and at the Hotel & Resort Villas del Malbec.

Grand Reserve Membership: You can also enjoy horseback riding, a welcome dinner at the restaurant (up to 6 guests) and a night's accommodation at the Hotel & Resort Villas del Malbec (for 2 guests).

Iconic Membership: You can also access all the amenities and services of Lomas del Malbec to enjoy them, have a welcome dinner in the restaurant (up to 10 guests), a week of accommodation at the Hotel & Resort Villas del Malbec (for 2 guests) and invitations to two events (for 4 guests).

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